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SARS CoV-2 Antibody Test IgM & IgG (COVID-19)


Our clinic now offers COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) ANTIBODY testing with results available in about 15 minutes from a small blood sample. Testing is by appointment only.

If you have possible COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, extreme tiredness or loss of sense of taste or smell, DO NOT come to our clinic but see your healthcare provider immediately.

Following information you need to know about the COVID-19 test and the disease.

Latest Update on COVID-19

Please visit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

There Are Two Testing Options.

ANTIGEN TEST which looks for the presence of the COVID-19 virus itself.  This is the nasal/throat swab/PCR type test. It can tell if someone is currently infected.

ANTIBODY TEST which looks for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies which are the body’s immune system response to viral infection.  These antibodies usually don’t appear until a few days after infection.  Antibody testing is therefore considered a “backwards-looking” test.

Antibody test does not tell you if you have an active COVID-19 infection.

Information on the ANTIBODY COVID-19 Test We Perform.

It is an IgM and IgG antibody combination test which is very accurate--that is, it is highly sensitive  (meaning is will detect Covid-19 antibodies) and highly selective (meaning it will not react to other antibodies). If you would like more specific information about the test we use, ask a staff member for a report.  

Who Can Get Tested.

Testing is available only to patients who are not currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and have not experienced symptoms within 10 days. Common COVID-19 symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

How The Test Works.

A tiny sample of blood will be taken. A waiting time of approximately 15-25 minutes to process and confirm the laboratory test. At that time, the results will be shared with you confidentially

Be Sure To Get The Correct Test.

Healthy Traveler Clinic currently administers the ANTIBODY TEST for COVID-19. If you need documentation for work or school, please confirm with your agency the ANTIBODY TEST is an acceptable test result.

If you are traveling, please confirm with a governmental agency to confirm exactly what test is required prior to arrival. Again, our test is the ANTIBODY TEST for COVID-19.

Payment for Testing.

The majority of individuals can have COVID-19 PCR testing performed at their primary care physician's clinic. An alternative option is for individuals to have antibody testing performed at the Healthy Traveler Clinic. This option for testing by Healthy Traveler Clinic is solely your financial responsibility.

Healthy Traveler Clinic is not a member of any insurance network. Therefore, we cannot provide you with a receipt containing the necessary information required for submission to your insurance carrier.

Test Fee $95