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The premiere and trusted International Travel Medicine Clinic in Los Angeles for immunizations since 1992

1250 East Green Street • Pasadena • CA • 91106 • USA


About The Clinic

Largest Inventory of Vaccines for Travel, Work and School

• Travel Consultations

• Yellow Fever Vaccine

• Malaria Prevention

• Meningitis

• Japanese Encephalitis

• Rabies  

• Shingles

• Typhoid

• Tetanus/Diphteria

• Polio

• Pneumonia

• Varicella Chicken Pox

• Hepatitis A and B

• Measles, Mumps, Rubella

• TB Testing

• Travel Supplies

• Travel Insurance

• Passport Photos

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• Healthy Traveler is a full-time physician based clinic experienced in travel medicine for 30+ years

• Certified Yellow Fever Clinic

• Your personalized travel medicine consultation is based on current and accurate worldwide data

• At Healthy Traveler, you have options and choices when it comes to your travel health and safety

• We save you time and money with the largest inventory of vaccines in Los Angeles

• You can depend on our fully staffed clinic, as we are not a part time satellite office

• Members of SAG-AFTRA, DGA, WGA, IATSE, AMPAS, MAFIAA have trusted us since 2002

• Let us help you with last minute walk-in or scheduled appointment

• Our clinic is 15 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles and easy parking

• We do not require a credit card guarantee to schedule an appointment

Affordable Yellow Fever Vaccine $299

Price includes Yellow Fever vaccine, Yellow Fever Certificate and Office Visit.

Yellow Fever vaccine is valid for life.

Does not have to be repeated every 10 years.